How We Work

Care planning for social care and community support



We work according to a clear set of values and beliefs.

We facilitate a range of both regulated and non-regulated activities but we apply the same standards as if all of our work was regulated. If a quality standard exists then we understand it exists for a reason.


Who we work with

Anyone with care and / or support needs due to physical or mental health, physical or learning disability or age.

Our approach

It’s called Partners 4 Care because our role is to plan and facilitate the delivery of effective services to people with all kinds of care and support needs. We don’t do everything ourselves; we acknowledge and value the role of:


They must be at the centre of their own care and support. Care and support is not otherwise worthy of the name. We get to know our customers and we make the effort not to assume that we know what they want.


This can be defined variously but it is the people (and animals in the case of pets) closest to the person with care and support needs. They should be involved as much or as little as the customer desires. Either way, they have a role to play in the quality of a person’s life. 


A well-trained, caring and supportive person who puts the customer first and is committed to their physical and emotional well-being. 


(which includes community but is wider). The structures and the groups of people that impact on a person’s quality of life. It includes health professionals and other services with whom the customer interacts.


We want everyone to be supported to live the fullest, most active part in their communities.


We care about your integration within society, within the communities of your choice and the opening up of new possibilities for you. We’ll give you as much control as you desire.


We want to support those who most need it. But we can only do this by changing the way things are currently done. That’s why we are redefining care.


The founders of Partners 4 Care, Lesley and Emma have personal experience of both good and not-so-good care experienced by family members. This experience is what drove them to define a better way. We know that carers can only do the job effectively if they are informed and if they have a strong ongoing relationship with the customer.