Who we are

Professional care and support worker management



We are redefining the care industry.

We will change the care industry by offering a new model that not only meets customer needs but also their wants and preferences (and all reasonable expectations) and transforms how they view their own care and support. 


Home care and community care




For all people with care and support needs to have access to the services they need, want and prefer.



To improve the lives of people with care and support needs by offering them new possibilities.

Why we do it

It’s important to us that our customers have the full range of possible lifestyle choices. Everyone should have the opportunity for Independence, active citizenship and good health.


Firstly, we know what a strain health and well-being issues place on families. And we have mediated in relationships where individual needs and preferences have not been adequately met.


We understand the consequences if care is not delivered to unwavering high standards. We have personal experience of this within our own family. That’s what initially drove us to qualify in and work in this sector.


Secondly, we’ve seen from within the industry what happens when carers aren’t trained, aren’t informed and don’t get to know the people they are caring for.


We won’t do the generic, standardised care that can be delivered by anyone. We work in situations in which we can really improve our customers’ lives. And we seek to be able to widen these services out via funding to all who would like to use the services.

Also of course, we just care about people and are willing to give them our time. We’ve set up the business in order to allow us to do this.