Professional HR and Payroll

Professional social care employer

At Partners 4 Care, our job is to provide professional management and HR services to care and support workers on behalf of our customers – the people receiving this care. 

    We value the care and support workers with whom we work. We speak to most of them most days and we have an ‘open office’ policy. You can drop in to speak to us about anything, or just to get a coffee and get to know your colleagues. 

      This personal communication is also enhanced by a phone app which we have chosen to use because we believe it is the best one available. This app monitors all activity and allows all staff to enter comments on any issues they would like to keep track of or ask for help with. We often follow up on any issues directly. We always respond to alerts that are urgent, and these will be actioned straight away.

        Feedback from staff shows that they appreciate being given the time to deliver care, spending time with each customer and not being put under undue pressure.

          What our care and support professionals say

          “We won’t treat you (the customer) differently. We treat you as family as all the staff at Partners 4 Care are one big happy family and will never let you down.”

          “I’ve worked for some care companies before but Partners 4 Care are more like a family member. Always there for you and your customers when you need them.” 

          “Only company I know that encourages and supports their Personal Assistants (PAs) to feel a valued member of the team. It makes us better PAs. The clients like the fact we don't 'clock- watch'. They have our full attention and we do our best to support them. I would highly recommend Partners 4 Care. I would not want to work for anyone else. I know I can achieve my goals because of Partners 4 Care.”


          For those who need it we provide training to complete a Care Certificate as well as other specialist care and support worker training.


            We carry out supervision of all workers on behalf of the employer (usually the care user in our work, but it can be a family member). This is typically done every 8 weeks, or more frequently in circumstances that require it. 

              We accompany workers on a care visit. This is your opportunity to feed back to us on how you are getting on / if you need any additional support or just have a question you would like input on from our experienced care managers. 

                In addition to the regular supervision, we also provide competence checks every three months (more frequently if needed). This ensures you are up to date with record keeping, moving and handling, medication and any other required skills. These checks involve observing practical skills in use and testing knowledge by asking questions. They cover knowledge of best practice, policies that you are working within and reasons for doing things the way we do them.