What our customers say

“I am impressed with the way your Personal Assistant has been looking after (our customer) whilst in hospital. He has displayed great interpersonal and communication skills, a good caring nature and (the customer) appears to get on with him well. I thank him for his help on the ward.” 

Registered General Nurse, Stockton 

“A fantastic company and friendly. Caring to their clients. I cannot fault the two staff who run the business as they are great people.” 

Customer, Teesside

What our Personal Care and Support Workers say

“We won’t treat you differently. We treat you as family as all the staff at Partners 4 Care are one big happy family and will never let you down.” 

“I’ve worked for some care companies before but Partners 4 Care are more like a family member. Always there for you and your customers when you need them.”

“Only company I know that encourages and supports their Personal Assistants (PAs) to feel a valued member of the team. It makes us better PAs. The clients like the fact we don't 'clock-watch'. They have our full attention and we do our best to support them. I would highly recommend Partners 4 Care. I would not want to work for anyone else. I know I can achieve my goals because of Partners 4 Care."

Personal care and support workers, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Teesside