Palliative Care

Palliative care and end of life care in Teesside and North Yorkshire

For those who need palliative care and have decided that it is right for this to be delivered in their own home, we can select and manage a suitable care worker to deliver according to your specific plan. 

    We manage palliative care in accordance with our values; which means that it involves a positive approach, helping to make life as positive and comfortable as possible. 

      If this applies to you then you will have a care plan which has been developed by your health professionals including specialist nurses. We complement this service and follow their guidelines. 

        Much of palliative care is about being there and being a positive influence, but it will also include
          • Monitoring food and fluids. 
          • If you are in bed, making sure you move enough to stay comfortable. 
          • Taking care of your psychological, social and spiritual needs. 
          • Managing medication. 
          • Pain management. 
          • A range of complementary therapies to suit your individual preferences. This may include things like hand massage, head massage, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy etc. These services may be delivered by your care and support worker or another specialist.