Elderly Care

Elderly care in Teesside and North Yorkshire

Caring for older people comes naturally to us.

    We want people to enjoy every stage of their life and have as many options and opportunities as possible.

      You should choose what happens in your own life, not your carer. Our job is to work with you to plan that. 

        Of course, if you have health and social care needs we support you with these. But we do it in a way that is flexible and does not unnecessarily limit opportunities. Everyone should live the lifestyle they want, to the fullest extent possible. 

          So an elderly care package will cover a range of things depending on your physical, mental health and wellbeing needs.

            It can often include
            • Personal care 
            • Shopping for your essentials of life or anything else that will help you live your lifestyle your way. 
            • Companionship – we have time to sit with you, talk, play a game of scrabble, or whatever is most suited to your preferences. 
            • Going out – whether it’s just a nice walk, or visiting a favourite place, social or leisure activity. 
            • Household jobs that you find difficult to do (cleaning, laundry etc). 
            • Cooking and preparing meals. 
            • Medication management – including staff trained in the administration of simple and complex medication. 
            • We can monitor food and drink intake and output to ensure health and wellbeing. 
            • Specialist management of health conditions e.g. catheter care. 
            • Dementia care – provided by specially trained staff. 
            • Management of challenging behaviour. 
            • Liaising with family.