Personal Budgets and Direct Payments

Personal Budgets and Direct Payments explained

Personal Budgets

This is where your Local Authority (Council) provides funding to you based on what they believe you need to meet your assessed needs. It will be stated in a Care and Support plan. You have freedom over how this is spent, provided it is used for relevant services.

It can either be paid to you to pay your provider or the council can pay the chosen provider.

You can control how this is spent, either through requests to the council or by directly managing the budget yourself. Or you can appoint a third party, such as a care provider to manage it for you.

Direct Payments

A Direct payment is simply a proportion of your personal budget (it can be all of it if you so choose) which the council pays to you in order for you to arrange your own care. You must keep records regarding how this is spent.

How we can help

Partners 4 Care can help you to manage your care and support budget. We will work with you to select your best suited care and support worker and plan your care and support and manage the worker who delivers it.