Contract and HR management

How to employ your own care / support worker – easy with our help

Our unique model


We help you to select a Personal Care and Support Worker either from our register of a pre-selected and trained specialists, or we can help you to advertise and recruit someone.

You employ them and we help you with the day to day management. We help you to deliver your responsibilities as an employer, fulfilling the contracting and HR role and the day to day management on your behalf.

We are different from a care agency because they would employ the care workers and you would get whoever was allocated, and these people in some cases would change frequently over time. We are also different from a care recruitment company because we are much more involved in the planning or your care and support and in the HR management and helping you to fulfil your responsibilities as the employer.

We provide a contracting, HR and payroll service to the care user customer to help them to receive the care that they want and to help them manage their responsibilities in order for this to be delivered.  


Our role in the process is to
  • Maintain a register of qualified and available people. They are pre-interviewed and DBS checked and trained in a recognised care qualification.
  • Work with customers to recruit a suitable care and support worker from our register, or from elsewhere as required.
  • Plan the care and support.
  • Support customers with contracting, HR management and payroll provision.
  • Support workers with ongoing development, advice, guidance and a community of colleagues with whom they form a team.

"It means you can have the best of both worlds: The independence that comes from choosing your own care and support worker but also support in the planning and delivery of the support from experienced professionals at Partners 4 Care."

Specialist HR services HR management including contract management, training, development and payroll 

Like an HR department, these services are of benefit to both the person receiving care and the care and support worker.

It includes initial contracting, induction and ongoing relationship management. 

It means you can have the best of both worlds – the choice of personal care and support worker and support in the planning and delivery of the support from experienced professionals at Partners 4 Care. 
Professional payroll management, including registering new workers, managing all related administration, processing payments, providing payslips and answering any enquiries from either party. We deal with HMRC as required, complete the Real Time Information that must be reported to HMRC immediately at each pay date and deal with pension contributions if applicable.

Training, developing and motivating the workers is also a key responsibility of ours. We are always seeking to make working with us a valuable and rewarding experience. Additional benefits are being considered to improve this offering e.g. perk box, so that workers can choose from a variety of incentives to suit their tastes.

Care and support according to our plan

We ensure that anyone who turns up to deliver care has not only the training but the specific knowledge of the individual they are seeing and prior knowledge of their individual care and / or support plan.

We deliver regular appraisals and supervision visits with each care and support worker and work together on an ongoing review of your care and support plan.

We provide cover for their breaks and holidays. 

Whereas care agencies might use an app to check in and out, ours provides much more sophisticated two way communication. Carers log details of what they have done and comments, useful for them and colleagues on future visits and for management. They can also use this technology to communicate with family if appropriate. If permission is given, families can see real-time details of care and support received.

Our HR management services are provided on a fixed fee basis as part of a single weekly or monthly invoice that includes the wages and all other associated costs of your support worker.