Recruitment and selection

Personal assistant matching service

We match you with someone who is DBS checked and trained by us and committed to our standards.

We match on:
  • Interests
  • Personality and attitude
  • Care and support specialisms 

Because our matching service includes consideration of personality, interests, and values, your Personal Care and Support Worker will have the best chance to provide a positive influence on your life.

We can either select from our register of existing care and support workers or we can advertise the role on your behalf. We can seek out those with specific relevant skills and abilities. An example would be if you wanted someone to communicate with you in your native language and this was not English. Or if you wanted someone to help you develop specific skills.

We also match on skillsets as required, including ability and experience dealing with physiological needs, administering / controlling medication, mental health support and supporting / coaching people with a learning disability. 

We work with you as an interview panel, jointly selecting the right person to deliver the care you need. 

We have seen that this process results in our customers having greater confidence in the support they receive, and also better conditions for the support worker, who is trusted and empowered. They have greater knowledge of the person they are supporting and they are given the chance to commit fully to work with our customer and fulfil their promises and the customer’s expectations. 

There is no cost for this recruitment service to either party.