Care Services

Care planning, management, contract and HR

We are redefining the care industry through our unique model: Your care delivered your way

You can be the employer of your own carer / support worker. You are no longer tied to what is available, what someone else thinks you need or what a company has chosen to deliver. You no longer have to get what everyone gets. You should and can be treated as the individual you have always been.

Putting you in control

Recruiting your own carer / support worker can be a great option. But you need to be aware of your responsibilities in contracting, management, HR, tax and even pensions in some cases. That’s why we are here to do all of that on your behalf. 

We provide a professional contracting and HR management service for people who employ their own carer in their home or other social care setting. 

We help you to manage your responsibilities as an employer. And to get what you need and want. 

Care and support planning

We develop an Individualised Care and Support Plan for each of our customers.

Our work is tailored to you, according to your plan and your needs. It takes into account any medical diagnosis BUT this is not the only factor. Alongside this we also consider personal independence, preferences, culture and background.

You are at the centre from our first meeting to selection of your Personal Care / Personal Support Worker and in the delivery of the service.

The care plan that we produce details exactly what will take place, where and how and with what resources. Day to day and other activities will be detailed e.g. social activities, holidays, education and work. We always set goals with our customers, so that we can ensure a progressive service, allowing maximum independence; if necessary increasing this over time as we work together. 

Selection of your ideal support worker

We are keen for all of our customers to experience independent, fulfilling lives. We will choose any specialist skilled (non-medical) staff as required.

There is no cost for this recruitment service to either party. It is simply an essential component of what we do to facilitate truly effective care. 

Management of aspirations

We are keen for our clients to have full access to and participation in society. 

That’s why we include day trips, holidays and all the usual range of leisure activities that are enjoyed by any other member of our communities. 

Safety is paramount. This does not mean complete risk aversion. We must work with people to enhance their quality of life.

Continuity of relationships

We provide unrivalled continuity of both service delivered and the person delivering it. This is because our care and support is well planned, because we lead and manage people effectively and because the customer is in control.

Personal budget management

We help you to use your budget carefully and creatively. 

We consider your assessed needs and agree outcomes with you before exploring options.

When this is done well, you will have more options than is typically understood and typically delivered. 

Partnership working

If you have been referred to us by the NHS or local authority you will already have a ‘Support Plan’. We augment this and make sure that everything you need is delivered but crucially, we ensure that it is all done in line with your personal preferences.

We break down the plan to what will be done on a daily basis. Timings. Food preferences. Activities. And the plan is available to the carer at all times via the app that they have access to.

Family can also be involved in the sharing of information about care and support, in any way appropriate and as agreed with our customer. If chosen, live real-time information can be accessible to the family or any other stakeholders.